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Future Business Ideas in Pakistan for 2025 | 2030 | 2050 and Beyond

Pakistani future is vast, diverse and creative. A lot of individuals and companies are actively working on many ideas that could bring positive change in our country and the world as well. With the help of these ideas, we can have a better future for ourselves and for other countries. Here in this blog post I have listed some top Indian/Pakistani startups which are creating amazing opportunities for them. You can also check other Top 15 Startup Ideas in Pakistan.

Technology and Innovation

We are living in an era where technology and innovation has been taken to another level. The advancement in science and engineering has always contributed towards technological breakthroughs in almost every sector of life. It is estimated that by 2020 India would be connected to 63300 smart cities, more than 100 million people around the globe would use internet using 4G, around 2 Billion users are expected to use 5G while 3 billion internet users will use mobile Internet by 2030. To meet all these requirements, we need to have effective and unique solutions which suits us in today’s time. Our most suitable solution must be one which will address all concerns related to rapidity in times of crisis. By utilizing innovative methods and techniques to create excellent products, you can design things that go beyond your imagination. Take advantage of new technologies including AI to help improve existing processes or invent entirely new ones. Do not just worry about getting started with tech. Let me show you how it works by showing you the following video, “What makes cars the best companion for life?” This question was asked by Elon Musk because he wanted his company Tesla to produce electric vehicles and their production process had become very expensive during those days. So for him, electric vehicles offered something new. The same technology applied to the carmakers to make their lives easier. Due to its size and weight, it gets the maximum acceleration when needed due to which it drives well at lower speeds. But the problem starts when someone comes on roads without any intention to drive it but wants to know the performance of the vehicle for that reason they want a detailed report on how good the vehicle performance is. So what do we need now? All we require is a system that can calculate the speed as per requirement and then it is capable of moving with full throttle in zero-to-100 km/h. To understand what this system needs we can take example of my personal car which is coming from Mumbai to Karachi and it has passed through the different districts of Sindh. During the journey, I sometimes feel sad to know how fast I am going. But, I know after driving past my hometown I will be happy. Because there were no signs of trouble. Once you reach your destination you are capable of enjoying the trip and you will feel relieved. But, if there was a fault and there were no road lights or gas pump on your route, this won’t happen to you, but as soon as your vehicle reaches a stop, you may experience a minor gas pump failure which takes longer time to complete. But, in this case you will not have a worry because even if you don’t get the right kind of gas on the way, its better to fill up the tank without having to spend lots of money. As I was talking about fuel cells, they are non-polluting and are safe enough that you can easily charge a battery pack inside it. They are being used in China and America to provide free charging. There is only one thing to keep in mind while choosing fuel cell car. First take care about safety and performance of your car. Make sure you go for the safest model. These cars should be affordable but durable. On the off chance you go for the second-level car model of Ford F-Series, its price should be less than $20,000. Their weight should be lighter than the first-level models of hybrid cars like BMW i3 and Mercedes E-Class. You should look for a reliable and robust charger so that your electric charger can charge your vehicle for long hours, even when it isn’t plugged in. Another important aspect is the engine as it becomes vital to the energy efficiency and power output. Check for engines which produce low noise, vibration and heat. Also, check for vehicles with variable valve timing (VVT) technology which gives you more options in terms of performance.

So, after understanding everything about the market, what you require now? Now you need to figure out the target audience or customers of your product. In order to reach them properly, you need to take steps to collect feedbacks from them regarding their thoughts, views and suggestions. So start by doing surveys on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter among others to find out their views on your brand. Not only that, ask them directly for advice if there are any queries that you know your potential customers might have. Your marketing strategies should always be based on research and data which helps you to understand your target audience’s preferences, behaviors, interests and their desires. After collecting that data, make them available on websites and social media pages which would help to spread awareness about your upcoming services and products. You could have a huge pool of leads if you advertise on popular website like Google Adwords, Bing ads or Yahoo ad. These advertisements should have the exact keyword you want to advertise your service and product so that in this case people will easily click on it to see. Lastly, pay for advertising on TV or digital channels or launch promotional coupons, if needed.

Data Driven Digital Marketing and SEO

I also have few other topics like Data Driven Digital Marketing and SEO, Social Media Optimization and Video Creation, Digital Asset Management, Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing & Analytics etc, to guide entrepreneurs. Hope you found something great for your business. Feel free share your opinion, feedbacks and ideas on what I should write next, share your point of view and let me know what would be interesting/new things for your audience. Thanks for reading my article. As always stay tuned for more updates, please comment and follow me.

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